Saturday, April 14, 2012

A stare into the empty

Sometimes you know intstantly what dept of field you want to go with in your photo, but many times you need to try and fail a bit to get the shot you're after.

I like to shoot everyday obects from different angles and test out dof to make abstract photos of ordinary things. Like this emty red vine bottle, for instance.

I tried without the water droplets in the first shot, but decided the bottleneck needed some more "light catchers".

Shiny things, water, different textures, angled lighting is always good in still life macros; it brings life into the photo.

The placing of the object, how to pick the right section, is also crusial. This is straight out of camera, which means that I have not edited the image or cropped it. In such cases one must be very careful to place the object within the photo frame before shoting the photo. It is a great way to learn how to think photography.

As you can see, the circular bottleneck is not placed in the centre of the image. This is to lead the viewers eye through the photo. In this case I have used the rule of thirds.theory.

EXIF: f/5 ~ 1/80 sec. ~ ISO100 ~ WB/sun (Click photo for larger version)

So, there you have it; my emty wine bottle!

Have a great Saturday! I know I will.

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